Recognising excellence from within the welding industry

Impartial. Expertly Judged. Open to all those involved in a business operating in the welding industry.

The Welding World Awards are impartial, independent awards that can be won by any company operating in the welding industry. The aim of The Welding World Awards is to seek out examples of being the best at what we do.

Online nomination and voting is open until the end of November 2017. Nominees from the Top 20 will then be invited to attend a judging day during February 2018.

The sophisticated Welding World Awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday 11th April 2018 at the Hilton Metropole Hotel, Birmingham.

The host for The Welding World Awards will be Eamonn Holmes.

All nominees will have the opportunity to publicise on The Welding World Awards website with the award winners having full on-going publicity following the award ceremony.

Voting has now closed and the judging process has begun. Thank you for your participation and good luck to all nominees!

Enter the 2018 Awards

Eamonn Holmes

The Welding World Awards 2016 – a night of celebration!

On Wednesday 13th April 2016, businesses from all over the welding industry came together to celebrate and recognise the deserving winners and finalists of The Welding World Awards 2016.The evening was a huge success and enjoyed by all who attended.

Be sure to book your tickets for The Welding World Awards 2018 and we look forward to seeing you there!

The Welding World Awards 2016

View video and photos from the 2016 Welding World Awards

"It proved to be an excellent initiative, very well presented and delivered!"
Charles Foster, Foster Industrial
Winner of the Best Welding Distributor category, 2016

"Myself and all the team at rapid would like to thank the welding world awards team for a brilliant night. We were, of course, very proud to win an award – especially the e-commerce website one. It’s always lovely to catch up with our friends and peers, I know we were particularly pleased to be told on several occasions how difficult it is to compete with our website. We will definitely be continuing to forge ahead with both our company and website development and look forward to 2018."
Marianne Edwards, Business Manager, Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies Ltd / Rentarc Ltd / Rapid Industrial Gases Ltd / Rapid Marine Ltd
Winner of the Best eCommerce Website Organisation category, 2016

"Thank you. We were absolutely delighted to win an award on the night and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Congratulations to you all for arranging such a successful event."
Jennifer Raymond, Senior Marketing Executive, 3M Personal Safety Division
Winner of the Best Safety Product Supplier category, 2016

"On behalf of Fronius UK I would like to thank you and congratulate you for setting up this event and for our award! We are more than pleased that we won this award – all employees are so proud of it you can count on us to participate in 2018!"
Patrick Gojer, Fronius UK
Winner of the Best Welding Machine Supplier category, 2016


The Awards Process

Step 1

Register. Please click the Register button below to create a personal account, which will provide you with the opportunity to nominate and vote for the company of your choice from within the industry. The awards registration is a FREE service provided by Welding World.

Step 2

An email will be sent to your email account with a link back to this website to complete the registration process. This is an essential part of the process. Please check your spam or junk email boxes.

Step 3

The Registration Process completed, you will be able to:

  • Nominate a business from within the industry, in one or more categories.
  • Vote for your favourite company – voting is open until 30th November 2017.

Our website displays the companies nominated for each category, based on the number of votes cast. This is dynamic and will change as more votes are cast, so please visit our website regularly to see how your company is doing.

Nominees will be chosen from the top 20 companies with the most votes in each category and will be invited to make a presentation to a specially selected judging panel in February 2018.

The shortlisted companies in each category will be invited to our Gala Awards Dinner on the 11th April 2018, at which the winners will be announced.


You need to register and create an account, which is a quick and simple process. You will then be able to nominate and vote.

If the company is not already listed in the full league table below (‘view all nominees’), with the VOTE button displayed alongside, click the ‘Nominate’ button and find the business of your choice in our database. Once found, you can select the ideal category/categories applicable to the nominee and they will then appear in the league table, ready to receive your votes. If the categories are already ticked, that company has already been nominated in that category.

If you cannot find the business you wish to nominate, you can add their details to our database. Note this will require verification by Welding World and you will be notified once this has taken place and the company is ready to receive your nominations and votes.

You can vote for as many companies as you like, but a specific company in a category only once. All nominations and votes are confidential, unless you decide to advertise your support via the optional LinkedIn and Twitter buttons provided.


Yes, you can nominate a company for more than one category. All we ask is that the category is relevant to the company being nominated.

Award Categories

Listed below are the award categories and those companies already nominated and currently among the top ten. Click "view all nominees" to see the entire league table for each award category. If you cannot see a company listed that you wish to vote for, please click here or the "Nominate" button above, to start this process.

Best Gas Agent

Sponsored by GYS Ltd

The winner of this award will be aware of the latest technology and works within current legislation as well as being aware of future changes and how they will embrace them.

1 Fowlmere Engineering Limited
2 Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies Limited
3 Premier Welding Ltd
4 Foster Industrial Ltd
5 Britannia Welding Supplies Limited
View all nominees

The winner of this award is ahead of the game when it comes to understanding the industry, their customers and the future.

1 Lorch Schweisstechnik Ltd
2 Huntingdon Fusion Techniques
3 EWM Hightec Welding (UK) Ltd
4 Translas BV
5 GBC UK Ltd
View all nominees

The winner of this award will be an expert in the field with a passion for ensuring our industry is as safe as it can be.

1 Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies Limited
2 CraigmoreOnline
3 Britannia Welding Supplies Limited
4 Foster Industrial Ltd
5 Tusker Industrial Safety
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The winner of this award has been deemed by a panel of judges to be the best surface finishing business.

1 Sia Abrasives (GB) Ltd
2 Abrasive Finishing System Ltd
3 Premier Welding Ltd
4 Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies Limited
5 Fowlmere Engineering Limited
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The winner of this award has excellent knowledge of the products they are responsible for, is trusted for their knowledge as well as delivering excellent customer service.

1 Fowlmere Engineering Limited
2 CraigmoreOnline
3 Noz-Alls Ltd
4 Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies Limited
5 Foster Industrial Ltd
View all nominees

The winner of this award delivers excellent training programmes using the lastest technology and current legislation. They are fully aware of future changes which are highlighted to their client base to ensure they are always ahead of the game.

1 Code a Weld
2 Momentum Technical College
3 Huntingdon Fusion Techniques
4 NETA Training Group
5 Speciality Welds Ltd
View all nominees

The winner of this award has engineered a website which is easy to navigate, has up to date information and is trusted. It has a search engine which takes the user, within seconds, to exactly what they are looking for, ensuring the website is always the first port of call.

1 Weld UK Ltd
2 CraigmoreOnline
3 Premier Welding Ltd
4 Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies Limited
5 Noz-Alls Ltd
View all nominees

The winner of this award has excellent knowledge of the machines they are supplying as well as an understand of the requirements of the customer, ensuring sound advice is given. They are recognised as having excellent customer service as well as a strong client base of satisfied, returning customers.

1 Lorch Schweisstechnik Ltd
2 EWM Hightec Welding (UK) Ltd
3 Premier Welding Ltd
4 Rapid Welding & Industrial Supplies Limited
5 CraigmoreOnline
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Lifetime Achievement

Sponsored by Lorch Schweisstechnik Ltd

The winner of this award is someone who the judging panel feel has dedicated their working life to the welding industry.

Welding World Award 2018

Sponsored by Welding World

The winner of this award is someone the judging panel feel has unselfishly given their time and experience to the AWD and the welding industry over many years

Welding World

About Welding World

The Welding World Association has developed into the true voice of the welding industry and exists to support and promote the high professional standards of its members.

Through its influence in the marketplace, Welding World Association members are encouraged to promote safe working methods and in particular safety in the promotion of welding products for customer applications.

The Welding World Magazine is the official journal of the Welding World Association and includes industry news, product reviews, feature articles, membership news and an ask the expert section. It provides welders, end users, distributors, wholesales, importers and manufacturers the opportunity to learn, communicate and connect with the welding industry.

Company Image

Adrian Hawkins

Chairman, Welding World

Understand the qualities of your business by taking part in an awards process, whether you deliver products or services or a combination of both, there is nothing better than the recognition from your peers for doing a good job.

Adrian Hawkins

Chairman, Weldability | Sif

The Welding World Awards program allows your company to be recognised and to be voted the Best in our welding industry for a given category. This is an accolade that you can be proud to achieve for your company and all your staff. The support of The Welding World Awards this year is very high. Make sure you are part of it.

Dave P. Ellwood

Managing Director, Britannia Welding Supplies

The Welding World Awards is a visible way for small, medium and large organisations to show the welding market that they are reaching for high levels of performance within their field of excellence and developing new innovations to improve welding. By being part of such a prestigious awards event your company can achieve recognition for its business and its hardworking employees. Everybody within the welding industry needs to take part, so GET YOUR CUSTOMERS VOTING FOR YOU TODAY!

Lee Darton

Projects Director, Extractability