Award Categories

Best Gas Agent

Sponsored by GYS Ltd

The winner of this award will be aware of the latest technology and works within current legislation as well as being aware of future changes and how they will embrace them.


Best New Welding Product Supplier

Sponsored by SAF-FRO

The winner of this award is ahead of the game when it comes to understanding the industry, their customers and the future.


Best Safety Product Supplier

The winner of this award will be an expert in the field with a passion for ensuring our industry is as safe as it can be.

Welding World

Best Surface Finishing

The winner of this award has been deemed by a panel of judges to be the best surface finishing business.

Welding World

Best Welding Distributor

Sponsored by Baileigh Industrial Inc.

The winner of this award has excellent knowledge of the products they are responsible for, is trusted for their knowledge as well as delivering excellent customer service.


Best Welding Industry Training Provider

The winner of this award delivers excellent training programmes using the lastest technology and current legislation. They are fully aware of future changes which are highlighted to their client base to ensure they are always ahead of the game.

Welding World

Best E-Commerce Website Organisation

Sponsored by Weldability Sif

The winner of this award has engineered a website which is easy to navigate, has up to date information and is trusted. It has a search engine which takes the user, within seconds, to exactly what they are looking for, ensuring the website is always the first port of call.


Best Welding Machine Supplier

Sponsored by Westermans International

The winner of this award has excellent knowledge of the machines they are supplying as well as an understand of the requirements of the customer, ensuring sound advice is given. They are recognised as having excellent customer service as well as a strong client base of satisfied, returning customers.